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High End Meets Street Style - Written By: @Youssefm

When it comes to fashion, I don't believe in 'rules'. I tend to just wear what I want, when I want, and however I want. If I had to classify my style, I would like to think of it as casual-chic.

Mixing brands is important to me because it makes the outfit unique. Anybody can buy a full outfit from Zara or even Dior Homme straight off the mannequin; mixing it up is what makes the outfit mine. The key to my style is taking high street fashion and mixing them with designers duds. Being practical and affordable is important to me since trends are always changing.

Brands like Zara help me achieve creative looks without breaking the bank. Incorporating timeless pieces from major fashion houses like Louis Vuitton is also important to me because it elevates my style.

My look here is composed of a Zara shirt, American Apparel undershirt, Zara slacks, Christian Louboutin python boat shoes, a Gucci cuban link bracelet, and Louis Vuitton evidence sunglasses.

These two photos were from my recent travels to Egypt and Dubai (the Nile River is in the background).

The below photos are various stylings of high end / affordable brands, helping me achieve my style.

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@Youssefm wrote, photographed and produced this post exclusively for:

IG: @DapperProfessional

Twitter: @DapperProfesh

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