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The Modern Gentleman - Written By: @TheSimpleGentleman

An essential part of a gentleman's wardrobe is having a black blazer. Most likely you will have a black suit from a previous wedding or attending a fancy work cocktail function.

From when you place your arms into a great fitting black blazer you feel that much more stylish & sophisticated. Keep in mind gents you don't have to always wear the black slacks, I would recommending changing it up with different shades of grey or a checked black and white pants (seen in the pics).

Accessories are always a key factory with any look you're going for. Today I have a black lapel by (Harrison Blake Apparel), black on white polka dot pocket square by (sprezzabox) paired with their polka dot socks. These little elements brings out your personality and shows alittle more sophistication.

You can easily change this outfit with alittle adjusting. Insert a little pop of colour by changing the pocket square, tie n socks to 'insert colour here' and your outfit will come alive with personality!

The outfit I have worn would be perfect for a business meeting where you want to impress or if you added a little pop of colour, going out on a Friday night near the the riverside for a few beers with 5 of your best mates.

As always hope you enjoyed and thanks for joining me in the pursuit to develop into the new modern gentleman.

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