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The Dapper Mash Up - Written By: @THEDAPPER1NE

Menswear has evolved over the years. It has been really refreshing and great to see men really taking an interest in how they look. I’ve had the pleasure working with amazing brands through Instagram and just connecting with inspirational individuals.

In this blog post I will share with you how to put a casual spin on your business attire.

First I need my essentials which every man has their own, I call them my staples and some examples are; chambray/ oxford shirts, navy suit/ blazer, wing tips and double monks. These pieces are on the more traditional side of menswear, they will never be outdated and will stand the test of time. You’ll find them in many of our closets today, these pieces are classic yet versatile in what you can wear with them.

Secondly, invest in some unique details, this is where you can get creative and showcase your person style in your outfits. I gravitate towards patterned ties and pocket squares to create dimension in my looks. Some other accessories to invest in would be tie bars and lapel pins. With that being said, my personal preference are novelty accents such as my whale and mustache tie bar. These are an added bonus to complete your look. Here is my shameless plug, if you're looking for really well curated accessories subscribe to Sprezzabox which is a monthly subscription. I recently had the pleasure of becoming a Brand Ambassador/ Style Influencer for them. Click here to check them out.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to take risk and try something new. After you have read this post I

hope I have inspired you to put a casual spin on your business attire.

If you have any questions or interest in my style, feel free to check out any of my social

media accounts.

(Blazer: Uniqlo, Tie/ Shirt: J. Crew, Tie Bar: Weekend Casual, Pocket Square: Winner Circle Fashion, Bracelets: The Tie Maker by Taft, Watch: Timex, Photo: champagn3_charli3)

(Blazer: Banana Republic, Shirt: J. Crew, Tie: The Tie Bar, Lapel Pin: Harrison Blake

Apparel, Watch: Arvo, Bracelet: Caputo & Co, Photo: champagn3_charli3)

(Blazer: Club Monaco, Shirt/ Pocket Square: J. Crew, Tie Bar: The Tie Bar, Tie: Bedford Broome, Watch: Seiko, Bracelet: Giles & Brother, Photo: champagn3_charli3)

(Blazer: Uniqlo, Shirt/ Tie Bar: J. Crew, Pocket Square: Hav­A­Hank, Tie: Rade Menswear, Watch: Timex, Bracelets: Brrybnds, Photo: champagn3_charli3)

Check out his Instagram (@THEDAPPER1NE) for more awesome posts.

@THEDAPPER1NE wrote this post exclusively for:

IG: @DapperProfessional

Twitter: @DapperProfesh

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