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Autumn's Starting Line Up - Written By: @BOWS_N_TIES

Attack Autumn Fashion in style by investing in a 'Starting Line Up' of essential menswear power pieces that you can mix and match. The rules are simple: you want to pick a cohesive color palette and fashion pieces that you can leverage and maximize for their versatility.

The power pieces we recommend this season are: a brown blazer, tailored chinos, white shirt, striped knit tie (click here for tie), polka dot pocket square (click here for pocket square) and a briefcase. We recommend sticking with one color palette of earth tone tans and chestnuts that you can instantly make pop with bright pieces like this striped orange knit tie and polka dot pocket square.

Shirt and Jacket by CottonBrew (click for link)

Tie and Pocket Square by Bows-N-Ties (click for link)

Check out their Instagram (@BOWS_N_TIES) for more awesome posts.

@BOWS_N_TIES wrote this post for:

IG: @DapperProfessional

Twitter: @DapperProfesh


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