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Fall Favorites This Season - Written By: @_THEDL

Fall has always been my favorite season. Assuming that you are in a temperate climate, you are able to experience the beauty that is the changing of the leaves, the first crisp morning, and all of the brilliant wardrobe options that flourish in fall.

Tweed is one of these options. This fabric with a long history from Britain (my heritage) generally features a variety of wool fabrics woven in a rough form providing excellent warmth and even some water resistance (perfect for this shoot). The jacket I have featured has elements of a shooting jacket with the suede shoulder and elbow patches. These details are not only reminiscent of a classic styling, but also have a current urban appeal. My personal style has always been a balance of these two things. A juxtaposition of timeless styling and urban elements catered to my daily life.

Another important part of fall style is boots. A great pair of boots will change your life. You may need to re-read that if you didn’t believe me the first time. There are so many options from chukkas to cap toes to moc toes and everything in between. Pick up a pair that catches your eye! Find some that will last you, which could mean spending a couple extra dollars, but I promise their longevity and craftsmanship alone are worth it. The ones that I am wearing here are the classic Irish Setter moc toe boots by Red Wings, hand crafted in the USA.

Denim and chambrays are great staples to a man’s wardrobe during ANY season, but their true home is fall. Some of you may consider fall to have arrived when you are finally moving your shorts to the bottom of your closet and pulling out the jeans that you refused to wear all summer. I wear my jeans all year round, but go for them even more frequently as the temperatures descend.

The minute details are key to tying any look together. I decided to go with this wonderful floral tie from Tie Society Japan. The tie almost has a cornucopia look to it, which is perfect for a fall outfit. This tie is paired with a pocket square to pull some of the red out of the tie. The final details are found on my wrist; my Seiko diver watch with selvedge NATO strap and wood bead bracelet.

Pull out some thicker fabrics, lace up a good boot and embrace fall!

​Tweed Jacket: Oscar de La Renta Boots: Red Wing Denim: Wallace and Barnes Belt: Ralph Lauren Shirt/Pocket Square: J Crew Tie: Tie Society Japan Bracelet: Custom made by @ScottOsterbind

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