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Colour is the Spice of Life - Written by: @STEVETILLYSTYLE

I have always taken pride in my appearance, but it wasn't until working in an office environment where suits and ties are common that I discovered the world of dapper style.

For me the key to a great dapper look in order to stand out from the crowd is to use bold colours. A great coordinated look works really well when the right colours are linked or combined.

I like to set a base of either plain or patterned shirt and then the blazer should be the opposite. However, a plain shirt can have a patterned or plain blazer. Generally speaking a patterned shirt should have a plain blazer to avoid the two clashing visually, however a standout patterened shirt can work with a subtle patterned blazer.

Once decided I pick a certain accessory whether it be tie, pocket square, lapel pin or tie clip and then choose corresponding items with the same or similar colours.

Having said all this matching colours is not always necessary, contrasts in colour can work really well also. Pink and blue, red and blue, black and white, grey and most colours etc. The possibilities are endless. Patterns and textures are also very important so try to link these where possible, but be careful not to clash these, ask your wife, girlfriend or partner if your unsure before stepping outside.

I also like to link in with this colour choice my sock choice and if available shoe lace choice to give that overall coordinated look.

Stay dapper gents. Visit my Instagram page for style inspiration @STEVETILLYSTYLE.

Check out his Instagram (@STEVETILLYSTYLE) for more awesome posts.

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