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My Journey - Written By: @THEDAPPEREDGENT

It never really occurred to me that one day I would have an Instagram page focused helping others with men’s fashion. I’m a law student who currently has no steady flow of income.

To be completely honest, I wasn't such a good dresser some 5 years back, but hey, everyone grows from something. Joining law school has made me want to dress better. Though the dress code is not strictly formal wear, I found myself drawn to this particular style. Instagram pages, which feature men's fashion, and also Pinterest are my largest source of fashion inspiration.

My parents priority has always been to see to it that my college fees are paid and that I have enough for my day to day needs. While in college, that is, buy books, food, pay my house bills, etc. Most of the time I am usually left with very little to spend on buying clothes, so I had to work my way through this particular hurdle. Through some entrepreneurial inspiration, I formed a partnership with a local shoe company. I was a regular customer and formed a deal with them where I would bring in as many clients to them as possible. In return, I would earn a commission.

With time and also support from my family, I made just enough to start my own company by partnering with a good friend of mine and classmate. We make bespoke suits for our various clients and we have a team of very skilled tailors. I’m able to use that extra cash to buy the clothes that I want according to my own tastes and preference.

Looking back from where I have come from and how much I have grown in the fashion world, all I can do is thank God, my family and friends for the immense support they have given me through this journey.

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