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"Fitness x Fashion", The Unique Correlation! - Written By: @LANOGQ

With the holidays coming up and us closing on the month of November which was focused on men's health I thought it would be cool to talk about the relationship between fitness and fashion. Quick background as an ex-collegiate basketball player I've always been able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight; that all changed when I started my Information Technology Career. After gaining 20-30 pounds I realized my clothes didn't fit the same and I didn't feel the same in them. It was at that point I realized a lifestyle change was needed in order to look and feel good in my clothes. There is an important relationship between fitness, fashion and food. In my humble opinion, one must properly utilize fitness and food to be super dapper and stylish. With that being said I want to leave you all with three tips I've found to be extremely helpful on my journey: 1. Ensure what you're doing is a lifestyle change and not temporary. 2. Manage food appropriately. I use a concept call IIFYM (If it fits your macros) <- click check it out 3. Hold yourself accountable but don't be too hard on yourself. Stay dapper, stay fit and most importantly stay healthy my friends.

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