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Why I'm a Personal Stylist - Written By: @THE_STYLE_GENT

I choose to become a Personal Stylist for several reasons.

One - I have yet to find another thing in this world that can be as expressive as clothing and I wanted to share my passion and excitement for men's fashion with everyone around me.

Two - People are often, unfortunately judged by what they are wearing and it is my goal to help every man I come across look and feel like the absolute BEST version of themselves. In addition to wanting to help men better themselves I, personally love being the best-dressed gentlemen in the room no matter where I go.

As a 19 year old you don't find a lot of us caring about he we look thus dressing 'sloppily' to say the least. I try to educate young men when it comes to dressing for success. In addition to owning several Custom Suits from J. Hilburn, I decided to invest in some Allen Edmonds shoes as they are some of the finest quality shoes. One of my favorite pieces is my Burgundy Flannel Tuxedo From J. Hilburn. This was for me a, no brainer, as I do not want to be caught in that sea of black we are all a custom to at formal gatherings.

While being a Freshman at High Point University, I have continued to grow my Business as I have clients in 4 states and am looking to grow exponentially. I am very grateful for finding J. Hilburn and figuring out so young what I want to do with my life.

Be sure to stop by his Instagram page for more awesome posts (@THE_STYLE_GENT)!

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