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Scarf Up Your 2016 Game Plan - Written By: @DAVE_MONEY3

The times of white collars are long gone and professional men are becoming more dapper than ever! I believe in timeless, investment-worthy pieces that every man of style should have in his closet. Scarves are a great accessory for men, just as much as they are for many of today's modern women. Scarves add a strong element of classic style to any outfit, especially when they introduce color to an otherwise bland outfit. As long as it doesn't compromise functionality. Not only that, but scarves keep you warmer than you might think, so they are just as utilitarian as they are fashionable. Typically when I am wearing a jacket with lapels, I wear my scarf in the once-around knot. If done correctly, this style makes a bold statement, and it will keep you warm and stylish through the seasonal changes. Clean, crisp, and well fitted clothing--wherever you are in the world encourages others to take you more seriously. Having a few versatile pieces in your wardrobe makes getting dressed and looking good relatively straight forward.

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