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Five Questions with @Trav_White_

We are honored to release the first feature of our 'Five Questions With' series! Mr. @Trav_White is a true gentleman and a fashion inspiration!

1. Was there a defining moment when you realized your platform was becoming serious or was this a progression over a period of time?

@Trav_White_: I think once I broke about 10K I realized that people actually were interested in what I was offering. It was a fast progression over a short period of time. I definitely had to step up my game really quickly to keep up with the competition.

2. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which store would it be? What would it have been five years ago if you were asked the same question?

@Trav_White_: I would have to go with Zara or J. Crew. I love the selections at both places. Zara is a little more fashion forward, while J. Crew is classic. I think Zara is a little more affordable, and their slim cuts fit my body type a little better. It is definitely a toss up between my passion for timeless style and my risk-taker side.

@Trav_White_: Five years ago I would've definitely said Ralph Lauren or Sperry because I was always rocking those two in my fraternity, haha.

3. You describe the desire for individuals to pursue their dreams and help others along the way...what is one way that you enjoy helping others?

@Trav_White_: This is definitely a point I need to write more about in my blog, as it was the inspiration for starting the "Unkept (selfless)" or "personal development meets fashion" part of my blog, and I plan to. I am involved at my church, Hope City, on the volunteer team. It is one of my favorite ways to give back, because serving others strengthens my humility, and always helps me to remember to give credit to God for any success I have. I also help out when I can at local events that require a fashion aspect, whether it is connecting brands with their target audience for a pop up shop, or styling performers for local shows.

@Trav_White_: Shifting away from me though, I definitely wouldn't be where I am without people who gave to me. All of my photographers give their time and effort and I am so grateful for them. My style teachers gave me knowledge and taught me about styling. I am grateful for everyone who has helped me, so giving back is simply my way of paying it forward. There are countless ways to give back, whether it is through little acts of kindness or providing value to someone who can't afford it. I encourage everyone to give something. Your level of happiness will skyrocket when you do.

4. When you started, what was the purpose of your social media platform and has that changed as you developed such a large following?

@Trav_White_: The purpose was to combine style and fashion with personal development. It hasn't changed, as I do my best to provide inspirational styles as well motivational quotes or throw in little thoughts about pursuing your dreams. I realize that the majority of followers just scroll and double tap when an image is aesthetically pleasing, so I do my best to provide a balance that keeps people interested.

5. Is it possible to describe what has been the most fun aspect of running a successful account?

@Trav_White_: I am not going to lie, the free apparel from companies has been pretty fun.

+1. What has been your favorite fashion photo taken of you this summer and why?

@Trav_White_: One of my favorite summer photos was this one, taken by an amazing photographer Daemaine Hines, because I love the style and cut of the whole outfit, which is from another one of my favorite stores, Rye 51 (short sleeve button down with shorts below)

Check out his Instagram (@Trav_White_) for more awesome posts and click here for his inspiring website!

@Trav_White_ wrote this post exclusively for:

IG: @DapperProfessional

Twitter: @DapperProfesh


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