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Five Questions with @EVERYDAYDREW

We are honored to share with you our Five Questions with @EVERYDAYDREW. Enjoy!

1. Has your passion for men's fashion grown at the same rate as your Instagram account or has it always been a big part of your life?

@EVERYDAYDREW: I have been aware of my style since a young age. I still remember saving up many weeks of allowance and making my parents take me to get my first pair of Air Jordan XI's after seeing Space Jam. I didn't start getting serious about posting on Instagram until last fall. I got to meet up with several other Instagrammers and they inspired me to continue posting.

2. What was the recent inspiration behind the name change?

@EVERYDAYDREW: My recent name change came about because of my pursuit of starting my own blog. It's currently under development but I am hoping to launch by the end of 2015. My goal is to help bring more men's fashion awareness to the Midwest, especially Milwaukee.

3. Who has been your biggest supporter through this journey?

@EVERYDAYDREW: My biggest supporter has been my wife because she has allowed me to take over one of our spare bedrooms and it has become my second "closet."

4. What has been the coolest experience from having your Instagram account?

@EVERYDAYDREW: One of the greatest joys that Instagram has given me is the ability to connect with others that share an interest in mens fashion. I have also met some awesome people in real life through Instagram. If you're ever in the Brew City, I'd love to grab a coffee or beer with you and talk about life.

5. How many pairs of boots do you actually own and can they all fit in one picture?

@EVERYDAYDREW: I have around 25 pairs of boots (the number somehow grows every week). I haven't recently tried to fit them all in one picture but they might take up my entire driveway.

+1. Do you have a favorite pair of denim, perhaps a brand new pair or a pair you've owned for 20 years?

@EVERYDAYDREW: My favorite pair of denim is my Gustin #203 Japan Blue 14s. They are a solid 14 oz. and the break-in period is pretty easy.

Check out his Instagram (@EVERYDAYDREW) for more awesome posts.

@EVERYDAYDREW wrote this post exclusively for:

IG: @DapperProfessional

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