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Five Questions with @MYDAPPERSELF

We are honored to share with you our Five Questions with @MYDAPPERSELF. Ed is a top mens wear influencer on Instagram and through his blog. His following across his various platforms is just shy of 50,000! Enjoy!

1. @MYDAPPERSELF, Ed ... how did you get your start and was the blog always your plan or did that evolve as your account grew?

Ed: Well, My Dapper Self began on Instagram with a different name. Some of my followers might still remember the days when my account was named “trajeycorbata” (Spanish for suitandtie) – Initially I thought it would be a good idea to focus on the Spanish-speaking population on social media, but as the account grew I saw a bigger opportunity if I rebranded the account and reached a wider audience, which was the right direction to take and it has been a much more gratifying experience to connect with so many people all around the globe because of this change.

Not to say I still don’t hold a special place in my heart for the Spanish-speaking crowd and so I always try to start conversations with them in Spanish.

I launched the blog a few months afterwards, but it wasn’t really my initial plan. The thing is, when you run an account such as My Dapper Self, you get a considerable amount of emails and private messages asking for style advice, opinions and even some requests to do personal style coaching. I figured, if one man has this specific question, then probably hundreds out there could benefit from knowing the answer to it.

With this in mind, it only seemed logical for me to create a blog where I could share my passion for menswear and give a few tips to a larger audience. In fact, I am planning to take things one step further by offering one-on-one style consultation for men in the near future.

I feel this is the most natural progression for My Dapper Self, and for me personally.

2. What has been the most satisfying part of running the My Dapper Self account?

Ed: There are many, many things that I consider satisfying and for which I am really grateful and humbled. But since you asked about the “most satisfying”, it would definitely have to be connecting with so much people.

From the guys looking for style advice, to other menswear influencers, to fellow style bloggers… all of these wonderful interactions have been enriching and I treasure each of them.

Many of these people I’ve had the opportunity to meet via social media and the blog I now consider real friends. All these relationships end up taking a good portion of my time each day, so you end up feeling really close to each of them.

3. In 2016, what are you looking forward to most in men's fashion?

Ed: In terms of trends, I really would love to see a more conservative, timeless look come back to the forefront. The recent return of the double breasted suit is a step in the right direction, so it seems it is plausible for this conservative style to hit the mainstream.

Not to say I am not a big admirer of all the bold and adventurous styles. But in the end, these trends can make the everyday man struggle to keep his style up to date. A more timeless approach to menswear in the mainstream seems more appropriate to me.

4. Do you have a favorite brand recently and why?

Ed: I really don’t have a favorite brand. There is however, a large number of brands I truly, truly love.

But instead of mentioning specific brands, please allow me to say the following to anyone who will read this interview: go out and look for a local tailor (or even search online), you might be surprised at all the amazing talent you will find just by looking outside the regular brands. Try to support the art of creating quality clothing that’s made just for you and can last you a lifetime.

5. What would you consider your 'staple' look to be?

Ed: Um… good question. I would say I am most comfortable in an uncomplicated, classy suit and tie look.

I have to say I applaud how brave some gents are in their bright colors, their incredibly original combinations and accessories (as you can tell by what I share on my social media accounts), but for me, being a short man I feel I benefit more from restrained looks with the basic accessories and sober colors.

I do allow myself some freedom and fancy with pocket squares, though.

+1. Can you share with us one of your drawings and what music were you listening to while you created it?

Ed: Sure! You should know I don’t consider myself very good at drawing, but it’s a great pastime when I just feel like relaxing for a while and stepping away from the online world.

So here’s an attempt at making a pencil drawing of one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Fiona Apple.

When drawing, I usually try to either listen to something very calm so I can concentrate, or something really intense to make it fun. If I remember correctly I was listening to some Sigur Rós and some of Opeth’s old stuff while drawing this.

Check out his Instagram (@MYDAPPERSELF) and his blog (click here for more awesome posts!

@MYDAPPERSELF wrote this post exclusively for:

IG: @DapperProfessional

Twitter: @DapperProfesh


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