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Five Questions with @THEPOSHMAN

We are honored to share with you our interview with this stylish gent, @THEPOSHMAN.

1. What originally inspired you to turn your Instagram into a fashion account of your daily outfits?

@THEPOSHMAN: I started taking pictures of my shirt and tie combos as a way to catalogue what I wore. I wanted to try not to repeat the combinations and noticed that people started following me so I continued to do it. Now trying to plan out what I'm going to wear is constantly on my mind, always trying to figure out what the folks that follow me may like. It's become a bit of a game and I honestly never know which photos will be most liked.

2. Do you have a color combination that you tend to gravitate towards?

@THEPOSHMAN: My favourite colour (Canadian sp.) combination is definitely blue and brown. I would say that a third of my shirts are blue or have blue in them. Those two colours go incredibly well together and are definitely a fool proof combo. If I'm ever struggling to put something together then that's my go to.

3. What was your favorite summer tie this past season?

@THEPOSHMAN: Definitely a floral tie, you can't pull those off in the fall or winter but they look great in warm weather. They also help you stand out from the crowd, you don't see a ton of guys in Toronto sporting a bouquet of flowers on their neck. Second place goes to madras, also a great option for the warmer weather.

4. How many followers did you have when you realized 'wow, this is actually pretty cool'?

@THEPOSHMAN: I realized I was onto something when I hit 1,000. By the time I hit 5,000 it really started to snowball. It's become quite the hobby at this point and I thoroughly enjoy it. Trying to put together a decent outfit on a hungover morning can be a bit dicey though.

5. What has been your favorite brand to represent recently?

@THEPOSHMAN: My favourite (Canadian sp. again) brand to represent lately has got to be OTAA. It's a brand run by a couple guys in Melbourne Australia. It's crazy for me to be collaborating with folks from Australia when I'm on the other side of the world, not to mention they make some excellent ties. Honorable mention definitely goes to Twillory, those guys make an excellent dress shirt.

+1. If you had a blog what would the title be?

@THEPOSHMAN: I've bought the rights to still waiting to find some time to actually write a blog and keep it up to date. Seems like a lot of work and the tiny bit of creativity I have is used up figuring out what to wear every morning.

Check out his Instagram (@THEPOSHMAN) for more awesome posts.

@THEPOSHMAN wrote this post exclusively for:

IG: @DapperProfessional

Twitter: @DapperProfesh


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